Fall Can Be Your Best Friend When You Want to Sell

by Maribeth Lynch

Fall in New England

Maribeth Lynch, Owner/Broker

Thrive Real Estate Specialists

Most people probably think of springtime when they think about selling a home. But did you know that fall is actually the second busiest time of the year for real estate?

The autumn months are a wonderful time to consider selling your house. Buyers have fewer homes to choose from than during the hectic spring months, and less inventory means less competition from other sellers. Vacationers have returned home from their summer travels and kids are back in the routine of school. The heat is dying down and humidity levels are finally tolerable after a long summer. And the fall is a stunning time of year, especially in New England, when the foliage bursts into color, mums brighten lawns and doors with warm splashes of color, and the weather holds the crisp promise of cozy nights by the fire.

When I think of fall, I think of warmth. Fall is the time when we pull out our sweaters, start cooking comfort foods, and fill our homes with rich, warm colors like yellows and oranges. Fall is a warm apple crumble and an autumn wreath on the front door. And you can use these enticing colors and aromas to help you sell your home.

Curb appeal is important in any season, but it can be especially welcoming during the fall. Consider decorating your yard and front steps with planters of seasonal flowers, pumpkins and gourds, and ears of Indian corn. One of the season’s challenges can be keeping up with all those falling leaves, but you can cut down on the time it takes by making it a family activity or hiring a service for a month or two.

Carry fall colors inside your home with flowers, fruits, and decorative throw pillows in warm tones. Buyers will be drawn to houses that feel homey, and scents like cinnamon and pumpkin make a house cozy. Autumn sees the days begin to grow short, and you’ll want to make sure that there is plenty of light indoors so that visitors can see all of your home’s wonderful features. As the hours of natural light dwindle, add lamps and accent lighting.

No discussion of fall would be complete without mentioning the holidays. Decorating for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can really make a home stand out if done right. What buyer doesn’t want to imagine celebrating the holidays in a new home? Just make sure that you keep decorations understated and tasteful rather than bold and dominant. Seasonal accents should harmonize with your home’s style rather than clash with it.

As I write this, I’m starting to get excited for the cooler weather and dramatic changes to the scenery that fall brings. It’s a gracious season and a fortuitous time to think about selling your home.

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