Five Reasons to Sell Your House Now

by Maribeth Lynch

Selling homes in Shrewsbury MA

Five Reasons Why You Should
Sell Your House NOW!

1) Inventory is critically short in certain price ranges (under 650k in Shrewsbury). A home that is staged and in good condition with a good location will sell quickly
2) It’s the most beautiful time of the year for photos. In fact, we have 3 clients we are working with who are planning to sell in 6 months so we have gone ahead and staged and photographed their homes NOW for a sale during the late fall/winter.
3) Interest rates are low-low-low which means your buying power is high-high-high. The Feds met last week and decided there would be no change to the prime, so this summer is a great time to grab a low priced mortgage while you can
4) We are in an ascending market- which means if you are selling and buying you can take advantage of that on your sale side and hope to nab a great house on your buy side
5) Families have TIME in the summer, so Mom and Dad might have time to focus more on homes that enter the market now, and might decide to make that move during the lazy days of summer.

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