Lakeway Commons Coming to Shrewsbury

by Maribeth Lynch

Site Plans for the new Lakeside Commons Development in Shrewsbury MA

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Shrewsbury Looks Forward to
New Lakeway Commons Development


During the last few weeks, many of us witnessed with some nostalgia the demolition of the longstanding Spags Route 9 storefront and its nearby buildings. Understandably, Shrewsbury residents are more than a little curious about its impending replacement, Lakeway Commons.

Spags discount store first opened in 1934, and it operated until 2002 before being purchased by Building 19. The discount store became a mainstay of the Shrewsbury community as its reputation grew and it drew in bargain hunters from around the state. Building 19 closed the store in 2013, but many people agree that it had really begun to lose its original character under its new ownership. The demise of Spags is the end of an era that provided many a fond memory for longstanding town residents.

While we may be bidding farewell a storied institution, there’s plenty to be excited about as construction of Lakeway Commons gets underway. Designed by the Grossman Development Group as a mixed-use development, the Commons will feature retail and restaurant venues including a Whole Foods supermarket and branches of UniBank, Visionworks, Sweet Pizza, Burton’s Grill, Starbucks, Tavern in the Square, and Jenny Boston.

Whole Foods recently obtained a liquor license for its Shrewsbury store, authorizing the new site to sell alcoholic beverages. Sweet Pizza brings to Shrewbury a fast-casual pizza venue designed around a make-your-own pizza concept. Jenny Boston, a multi-store enterprise specializing in women’s fashions and co-owned by two Shrewsbury businesswomen, is opening its sixth store and first Shrewsbury location.

The 23-acre Lakeway Commons development has been designed with the feeling of a village center in mind. With bus accessibility, off-street parking, and pedestrian access, the venture will also include residential living space comprised of 250 rental apartment units as well as 14 townhomes for sale. Townhomes will offer 1,400 to 2,000 square feet of living space.

Lakeway Commons is slated to open starting in mid-2017 and is expected to revitalize the Lakeway Business District.

While change often involves a twist of wistfulness, our community continues to evolve. Its rich history includes historic homes, an erstwhile amusement park, a mansion devoted to candy, and a beloved, old-school discount store. I’m excited for the opportunities that this next chapter in Shrewsbury’s narrative will bring, as its sure to spark a new vitality along Shrewsbury’s Route 9 corridor.

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