New Mid-Century Listings Offer Opportunities for Walk-to-Town Lifestyle

by Maribeth Lynch

Thrive Real Estate Specialists is proud to announce that Owner/Broker Maribeth Lynch, has been nominated for the 2024 Realtor of the Year Award by the Realtors Association of Central Massachusetts (RACM). This esteemed recognition highlights Maribeth’s dedicated service to the Association, her community, and the real estate industry at large.

The Realtor of the Year Award celebrates a REALTOR® for dedicated service to the Association, the community, and the real estate industry and who exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and community involvement.

Maribeth Lynch’s nomination is a testament to her unwavering commitment to these values and her significant contributions to the real estate sector. The successful candidate will represent the REALTOR® Association of Central MA at the MAR REALTOR® of the Year and Professional Awards Banquet.

“Being nominated for the Realtor of the Year Award by RACM is an incredible honor,” said Maribeth Lynch. “I am deeply committed to serving my clients and community with the highest level of professionalism and care. This nomination reflects the collective efforts of the entire Thrive Real Estate Specialists team, and I am grateful for their continuous support.”

Maribeth Lynch has been a prominent figure in the Shrewsbury real estate market, known for her exceptional client service, in-depth market knowledge, and passionate advocacy for community development. Her leadership at Thrive Real Estate Specialists has set a benchmark for excellence, fostering a client-centric approach that prioritizes personalized service and ethical practices. She also serves as an Alternate Director on the RACM Board.

The winner of the 2024 Realtor of the Year Award will be announced on June 20, 2024. For more information about the Realtors Association of Central Massachusetts and their awards, please visit RACM’s official website. To learn more about Maribeth Lynch and her work at Thrive Real Estate Specialists, visit Maribeth’s profile.

About Thrive Real Estate

Thrive Real Estate Specialists is an independent real estate firm specializing in local expertise of the communities they serve as well as quality, personalized service rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to real estate. They represent both buyers and sellers of homes for sale in Shrewsbury and Central/MetroWest areas of Massachusetts. For more information, please visit or contact broker-owner Maribeth Lynch.

photo of the center of Shrewsbury MA

New Mid-Century Listings Offer Opportunities for Walk-to-Town Lifestyle

Maribeth Lynch, Thrive Real Estate Specialists

If you’re searching for a home right now, you’re sure to know that it’s a seller’s market and there is not a lot of inventory available for purchase. However, I’m very excited about several new properties I will be listing, and I want to share a bit of a preview with prospective homebuyers.
In the coming weeks, I will be listing five mid-century properties that were built in the 1940s and 1950s, during the era that is sometimes called “mid-century modern” or “contemporary.” These homes are enjoying a resurgence in desirability due to their simplicity; they are functional and lack the affectation and embellishment that characterized the rise of the McMansion.
There are some features that characterize mid-century architecture and décor, such as an uncluttered look achieved through sleek and uncomplicated lines – a home that is not fussy with detail provides a new homeowner with a clean canvas on which to apply his or her personality. These homes often incorporate a harmony between indoor space and outdoor space that might include screened-in porches, large or sliding glass doors, and small but established lots with plentiful opportunity for gracious landscaping that blends well with the lines of the house.
The popularity of mid-century homes may be due to a move toward a back-to-basics style of living characterized by a lack of pretension in architectural style. But if you ask me, another desirable feature of many of these homes is their location. There is a preponderance of mid-century homes clustered near Shrewsbury’s town center, and that location provides a nostalgic and highly-sought walkability that has begun to dwindle in towns as suburban sprawl has dictated a reliance on automobiles. Homes lining the streets near the town center feature mature trees and established landscaping, creating neighborhoods perfect for walking.
I’ve written before about the benefits of living near the town center. Easy access to our gorgeous new public library is just one such advantage, and if you haven’t visited this state-of-the-art building with its community feel and many amenities, I highly encourage you to do so. Our town common, too, is a beautiful place to spend time, flanked by the First Congregational Church and the Shrewsbury Historical Society, with the older sections of historic Mountain View Cemetery just footsteps away. Dean Park and Prospect Park are also close to the center of town and provide residents with a wealth of recreational opportunities.
I am fortunate to have served on the committee to develop Shrewsbury’s Master Plan, a document created to look forward toward the town’s future growth and development. Included in the plan is a proposal concerning the redevelopment of the downtown area to provide vitality and accessibility to residents. The goal is continued pedestrian-friendly access to gathering places, shopping, and services. Living near the center of town will only become more desirable as this redevelopment unfolds. I expect Shrewsbury’s center to enjoy a resurgence in vibrancy – that’s just one of the reasons that my office is located in the heart of town.
Keep an eye on my website and Facebook page, or contact me directly to find out more about these great new properties as they come on the market. I anticipate that they will generate a lot of interest and I look forward to working with clients who are interested in all that they have to offer.

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