Preparing your Home for a Spring Listing

by Maribeth Lynch


Think Spring! What Should You Be Doing to Prepare?

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As I write these words, a light snow is falling outside the window and it doesn’t seem like spring is just around the corner … but time has a habit of flying by and I know spring will be here before we know it. In the world of real estate, spring is typically a busy time of year characterized by people emerging from their winter “hibernation” to put their homes on the market and peruse the real estate listings.

While we’re waiting for spring’s welcome arrival, homeowners and prospective home sellers can do a few things to prepare for a new season. Winter is a great time to hunker down inside and get the house in order, whether that means general cleaning, organizational projects, repainting, or a little light remodeling. A change of colors can breathe life into a room, but paint isn’t the only way to accomplish a new look. Sometimes a fresh look is as simple as some new throw pillows or an area rug.

January and February are a good time of year to do some shopping. White sales are prevalent in the first two months of the year. It’s a great time to stock up on new linens like bedding and towels. Some stores even extend these sales to kitchen items. Furniture sales are also common in the early days of the year since many manufacturers introduce new styles in February and older pieces need to be moved to create space in showrooms and warehouses. I’ve also heard that large-screen TVs are often discounted by retailers hoping to get a bounce in sales prior to the Super Bowl; New England certainly would be a prime area for such discounts with another Super Bowl in the cards for the Patriots.

If you’re in search of other items, post-Christmas sales feature seasonal décor for next year as well as winter apparel that cost a small fortune before the holidays arrived. Sports and fitness equipment see some price reductions during the early months of the year as well, so if you’re looking to work off some of the overindulgence of the holiday season, now is the time to see if you can get a discount on home fitness equipment or even a gym membership.

Small electronics often see an uptick in price reductions in February. And don’t forget that President’s Day is coming up, and long weekends often provide retailers an opportunity to run a short sale – just remember to plan accordingly, as these sales can be brief.

Redecorating and shopping can be enjoyable ways to spend long, cold winter days, but there are a few practical tasks you can do around your house, too. Adding insulation and sealing doors, windows, and walls may not be a glamorous activity, but it can save you money in both the winter and the summer by keeping the elements out of your home. And tuning up your heating system or installing a smart thermostat will keep you cozy until spring arrives.

It’s a little too early to start talking about landscaping and planting flowers and gardens, so in the meantime, plant a small herb garden to put on a sunny window ledge and spruce up your house with a few fresh flowers – Trader Joe’s has an ever-evolving selection at reasonable prices and you can bring the cheer of springtime into your home before the season even arrives!

For more information on getting your home ready to sell this spring, contact Thrive Real Estate Specialists.

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