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Preparing Your Home for Showings

For low-stress showings, the vast majority of your home prep should be
completed before your home goes on the market. For the best possible offers, your home should be in the best possible condition – without deferred maintenance or defects.

THRIVE Real Estate Specialists will help you identify key areas that could use sprucing up, and suggest cost-effective touch-ups that will impress home buyers.


Here are some ideas to help your home get and stay in show-ready condition!

Exterior prep for selling your home

Start with the exterior. Clean gutters, sweep walkways, trim shrubs. Keep your lawn in good shape. Your front door and yard say a lot about pride of ownership!

Kitchen with all clutter removed in preparation for selling a home

Remove clutter! This is a challenge, but it’s easier to clean when you’re not buried in stuff. Consider renting a storage unit if needed. Remember that your closets, garage, attic and basement should show plenty of open room.

If your interior walls have not be painted in several years, consider new paint in contemporary, neutral colors.

Have a family checklist of daily clean-up duties. It’s far easier to keep things clean than to do a marathon scrub when a buyer is on their way!

Important: get in good habits about securing your mail, jewelry and medicines. Take these things with you, or lock them up in a safe that cannot be easily carried off.

Secure your collectibles. Breakable objects should be in secured display cabinets or put away.

Pack away your personal photos, awards and trophies. Your home should
appear as neutral as possible so that sellers can imagine themselves living there.

Have an action plan for pets. Have pet carriers and crates at the ready. For your pets’ safety and for the comfort of your buyers, take them along with you when you leave the home for a showing. Hide litter boxes, bowls, beds and toys in a covered storage bin.

Do some home staging: think about things like setting the dining room table, and having new accent rugs and throw pillows. Consider new bedding in the bedrooms, and new window treatments. Disguise worn furniture with stylish couch and chair coverings. Small touches can make a big impression.

Check your home for odors. Rather than mask them, do your best to remove them.

Be sure to let in plenty of natural light, and turn the lights on as well. Light is inviting!

We may have more tips specific for your home! Contact us for more ideas!

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