Shared Office Space Coming to Shrewsbury Center

by Maribeth Lynch

Exterior Photo of 555 Shared Offices in Shrewsbury available Fall 2016

Future Home of Thrive Real Estate Specialists at 555 Main Street in Shrewsbury

Celebrating Two Years in Business with Achievements and Opportunities

It’s been an exciting time for the THRIVE team recently. Reflecting on my recent achievement of Emerald Status and a humbling nomination for Realtor of the Year, it’s amazing to me what we have been able to accomplish in just two short years. Yes, we’ve sold a lot of houses, but more importantly, we have helped people create new homes, and making people happy is the most rewarding aspect of our business. Looking forward, opportunities continue to arise for our team at THRIVE as well as for our clients and business associates.
555 Shared Offices Shrewsbury Front Entry

Shared Office Space
is Coming to Shrewsbury!

I’m particularly thrilled to be able to share with my clients and the community an exciting new office space opportunity that is opening right in the heart of Shrewsbury at 555 Main Street, in the former location of Flagship Bank. We at THRIVE will be relocating our offices to this elegant workspace and we will be handling leasing for the entire building.
Five Fifty Five is considered an “uncommon workspace community,” and it capitalizes on a true sense of community with a vibrant shared office space concept that allows multiple businesses to share a common environment. The building includes a central lounge area with amenities like shared office equipment, a kitchen and café, and WiFi, plus an outdoor lounge area and a state-of-the-art iPad-controlled entry system. These common areas are coupled with renovated private offices that feature acoustic baffling when the moment calls for peace, quiet, or privacy. I envision a sociable work environment where individuals from different ventures can come together for collaboration and to share ideas.
In addition to THRIVE’s new office location in the front area of the building, there are nine offices available to small businesses looking to relocate to a dynamic new setting. With lots of on-site parking spaces and a functional, elegant layout, small businesses will find this beautiful office space extremely accessible to clients and associates. Leasing will begin in September of 2016.

From a community perspective, the full occupancy of 555 Main will help rejuvenate Shrewbury’s downtown area. “We always like to see buildings fully occupied if possible in terms of both upkeep and vibrancy,” says Kristen Las, Assistant Town Manager and Economic Development Coordinator for the town of Shrewsbury. With the renovated library set to open in September of this year, two of the downtown area’s largest buildings will be occupied, bringing people and commerce to the heart of town and fostering new growth.

For additional information regarding the prime office space at 555 Main Street, including a master floor plan, leasing availability, pricing, and building tours, please visit or call me at (508) 641-9323.

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